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Apply For $60 New Testing Products in January >>
Apply For $60 New Testing Products in January >>


  • Winners for Thanksgiving Giveaway
    January 7, 2021 JoJo Agency

    Winners for Thanksgiving Giveaway

    Congratulations, the winners of the Grand Prize of our ‘Thanksgiving Giveaway’ contest!   Tina Columbo | tinaco*****@gmail.comNatasha Douglas |  pina***@hotmail.comAmanda Duquette  | amand****uette@hotmail.comScott Cady  | sd***5@gmail.comKelly Findley  | kellyfindl****@gmail.comHannah Smith | not_harr****ister@sbcglobal.netHallie Potter  | curly****ails@gmail.comSandra Potter | sandra****ter@sbcglobal.netsean robert | goos****01@yahoo.comCynthia Daigle | sailina*****@yahoo.comWilma Mast | whis*****03@yahoo.comJo Ricker | jori****@hotmail.comMargaret Craig | wil****@live.comvirgie Rossetti  | virgie****on3@gmail.comKelly Tupick | k***s@yahoo.comChris Davies | ig***us@gmail.comHamza...

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  • Giveaway winners for Halloween
    December 9, 2020 JoJo Agency

    Giveaway winners for Halloween

    The Halloween giveaway is over now. Thank you for your love and support for our brand. The prizes of the winners are already being shipped.   Alissa Rena Dowding  (harley****** Daigle (saili***** Lyon (lyon*****'Dessa Bourque (angelo**** Harrell(barbara****   Winners share...

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  • Sep.Giveaway Winner
    September 16, 2020 Holife Team

    Sep.Giveaway Winner

    Sep. Daily Giveaway 15 Winners Prizes: Holife handheld vacuum cleaners pink_prin***** - Miranda Fahey kellyfi******* - Kelly Findley ncjee***** - Karen Propes curlycat***** - Hallie Potter monza**** - Soraya Enid Monzote gmrich***** - Richard Hicks masopen***** - Scott Merriman Ellelawson*****

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  • cost-effective alternative to Dyson V7
    January 6, 2020 CollaboratorGTranslate

    Affordable Stick Vacuum 2020

    How to clean your entire house more effortlessly with a vacuum cleaner? Do you always prepare a variety of tools for different cleaning areas? Or turn a blind eye to the dust hidden in the corners that are difficult to...

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    September 26, 2019 CollaboratorGTranslate

    How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

    Although our pets are our best companions, caring for dogs and cats involves an extra commitment. It often means taking extra care to keep our home clean and our pets and family happy. Things to consider are pets often shed...

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  • How to Purchase a Handheld Vacuum
    July 29, 2019 CollaboratorGTranslate

    How to Purchase a Handheld Vacuum

    Are you considering a handheld for your cleaning needs? Don’t worry about that anymore. I prepared this guide to answer your questions regarding handheld vacuums; from what the different capabilities mean, how to choose a handheld that matches your cleaning requirements, to the features that are a necessity in these types of vacuums. 

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