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cost-effective alternative to Dyson V7

Affordable Stick Vacuum 2020

How to clean your entire house more effortlessly with a vacuum cleaner?

Do you always prepare a variety of tools for different cleaning areas? Or turn a blind eye to the dust hidden in the corners that are difficult to clean? Holife HM322 stick vacuum cleaner with multiple attachments helps you do clean easier and more efficient.

Hard Floor Brush for Cleaning Floors

Use the soft rolling brush head to clean the wood or tile floor in the bedroom or living room. The hard floor brush made with soft material will easily suck up crumbs, cereals, pet litter, beans and more. LED light designed on the brush head helps you clean dark areas such as the bottom of the bed, sofa, and furniture. No hidden debris or dust anymore.

Carpet Brush for Soft Surfaces

The carpet brush with direct-drive can thoroughly clean the carpet with fluff, effectively vacuuming pet hairs and stubborn dirt stuck in the root of the carpet fluff.

2 in 1 Crevice Brush

Potato chips on the ground, cat litter brought out by cats, stubborn dust in the corners, etc. Compared with a slightly bulky floor attachment, the 2 in 1 Crevice Brush helps you solve more complicated cleaning issues. The head of the crevice brush can be retracted manually. When the brush is extended, it becomes a brush head to clean the dust on soft surfaces such as sofa gaps or key gaps on the keyboard. When retracting the brush, it becomes a crevice tool to easily clean the windowsill and corners.

For Upright Use

If there are beautiful chandeliers or wall lamps in your home, the dust may hide in the lampshade. The dust fluff hidden under the sofa cannot be easily reached by hands. Switch the cleaner to the higher suction mode which will remove stubborn dirt easily.The soft ceiling brush is your ideal choice to clean valuable decorations. Its light and soft brush can take better care of your delicate ornaments.

20 to 45min Long Lasting Working

The vacuum cleaner with top-notch motor reaches up to 45 minutes of lasting working time. In low suction mode (9Kpa), the working time is up to 45 mins; In high suction mode (20Kpa), the working time is up to 20 mins.

One Button to Empty the Dust Container

Thanks to a well-sealed lid, no dust leakage while using. Touch the release button to easily open the lid and pour the dust and dirt into the garbage bin. It only takes one second to empty the dust container.

For consistently good quality at very affordable prices, Holife vacuums have always been close to the best. In this regard, the Holife HM322 lives up to the brand’s reputation. You shouldn’t expect the same level of features and technology as you get with the Dyson V11 but, you’re paying a lot less for the Holife. So it may not be the best for pet owners and lacks some of the high-end features of more expensive stick vacuums. When it comes to outstanding value for money, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option.

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Benjamin - December 9, 2020

Where can I find this in the Amazon store??? I can’t find it on Amazon anywhere!

Karen Nupp - December 9, 2020

I’d like to test this 4 free

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