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Winners for Thanksgiving Giveaway

Winners for Thanksgiving Giveaway

Congratulations, the winners of the Grand Prize of our ‘Thanksgiving Giveaway’ contest!


Tina Columbo | tinaco*****
Natasha Douglas |  pina***
Amanda Duquette  | amand****
Scott Cady  | sd***
Kelly Findley  | kellyfindl****
Hannah Smith | not_harr****
Hallie Potter  | curly****
Sandra Potter | sandra****
sean robert | goos****
Cynthia Daigle | sailina*****
Wilma Mast | whis*****
Jo Ricker | jori****
Margaret Craig | wil****
virgie Rossetti  | virgie****
Kelly Tupick | k***
Chris Davies | ig***
Hamza Taha | hts***
Stephanie Schrammel | quantumq****
Rachael Grover  | rgrov****

Marco Jahnny  |  M_ja****
Drazen Martinovic  |  martinov****
Michael Roth   |****
Oliver Jacobs   | Jacobs_1****
Alexandra   | Schadow alexan****
Namir Abazi  |  n_A****
robert fischer   | robertf****
Rainer Muller   | Rainer****
Matthias Kluth   | n8****
Johann Akin   | J.a****
Maren Baunach   | b.198****
Thomas Amann   | Thom****
Reiner Lillich   | Lillich19****
Daniela Eisenstein   | daniela.eisens****
Moritz Beer   | Moritz****
Gerald Kyte   | Mrs_k****
Christine Kubert   | Chris*****
Robin Harrison  |  ct.har****
Yvonne Savaikis   | Yvon****
Sheila Ayers   | sheilaa****


Thanks to everyone who took part and helped make this contest a massive success. Keep an eye on our official website for the next contest coming soon.

If you missed it, you can see the contest here:

Just be sure that you subscribe to us so that you can remain updated about the latest contests or giveaways on Holife!

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