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Holife Handheld Vacuum tips-5 Common Problems You Can Fix Yourself

Holife Handheld Vacuum tips-5 Common Problems You Can Fix Yourself

I recently bought Holife's Handheld Vacuum Cordless-model HLHM208BB. I am very happy with my purchase. This vacuum is priced at a little above 70 dollar and comes with a brush nozzle, a rubber nozzle, a crevice tool, a charging adapter, two washable filters, a storage bag, a brush along with the detachable vacuum cordless body. With this vacuum, I can do house cleaning easily and conveniently. Without direct contact with the dust, this vacuum helps me to keep home clean with ease. After use, I just place it in the corner of my apartment and it does take much storage space at all. The noise level is lower than 78dB which is much smaller than that of Black Decker's Handheld vacuum CHV1410L and the suction power is much bigger than that of Black Decker's at 8000pa. It is all because HLHM208BB uses a 22.2 volt lithium battery compared to CHV1410L,which uses 16 volt lithium battery.

Because it is such a good purchase, I would like to share some of the tips when using it in case you are curious:


Nozzle Usage Questions: Compared with the Black Decker's CHV1410L, which comes with no extra nozzle attachments, this purchase comes with three different nozzle attachments.  Nozzles are for different cleaning occasions and I've found this product design is way more user friendly.For example, the long crevice nozzle I use it for removing the dust in the corners and gaps. The shape of the nozzle makes it easy to dust off the corners and gaps. The brush nozzle is for cleaning furniture and carpet as well as hair and pet fur. I have a dog and her hair always is a trouble for me to keep the house clean. The brush nozzle comes in handy. When I clean her hair, sometimes it's stuck on the surface and in this case, I use the brush head to loosen any hair or fur on the surfaces before vacuuming it. That makes the vacuuming a lot easier. For liquid, I use the rubber nozzle. It can be used to clean quite a decent amount of liquid and I found it pretty useful for cleaning up spilled milk. But I need to be very cautious of keeping the nozzle pointed downward after vacuuming the liquids,to prevent leaking from the seam between the dust container and the machine, which could damage the motor according to the instruction. Also, I usually empty the liquid immediately after vacuuming, and then follow the instructions for cleaning the dust container to make sure the motor and dust containers are both kept dry before charging.   


Recharge Questions: I remember I charged the device for 3 hours before first use to ensure the lifespan of the product and to fully activate the battery. This time is much shorter than the charging time of Black Decker's CHV1410L which is at on average 4 hours.  After first time, each time it needs recharge, I just plug in and charge it for 3 hours before next use. Also, when the suction becomes smaller, usually, it's probably time for recharge. When the suction problem happens, I usually analyze the situations a bit. I will first check if the vacuum has been used for too long before the recharge. The vacuum, is designed to be continuously used for 25 mins. If it exceeds this time, I will plug in and recharge. Another situation would be to check if the filter has been properly cleaned. The weak suction problems have happened to me twice and one time is because it hasn't been properly charged and the other time being the filter has not been properly cleaned. After I cleaned the filter , it restored the suction power immediately.


Power indicator and charging Questions:

I've noticed that the indicator also is a good sign to watch the status of the vacuum. The indicator will flash blue when the device has a low battery. The indicator will stay red while the device is charging. After the device is fully charged , the blue indicator will flash for few seconds and then turn off.


Filter Questions:

According to the instruction, the non-woven filter can generally be used for 3-4 months and about 100 times. For me personally, I've used it for four and half month so far and it is still working pretty well. It is very durable. The sustained usage time is probably because I usually clean it after each use and take good care of it. I clean it with water and with my hand and I don't use any detergent or brush to wash it.


Other Cautions:

One thing to keep in mind according to the instruction is not to ever clean block as it will definitely damage the motor. Also, the vacuum does not seem to be able to hold a substantial amount of water which is a common sense. I remember the maximum amount of water it can clean each time is 100ml. I am very cautious about it because this could damage the moter and the vacuum permanently. I only use it to clean small scale liquid spills. For the other cases, I just use the mop to clean it up. Thirdly, the vacuum cannot be used for vacuuming construction waste, especially wood chips and cement dust, which I think is also a common sense cautionary. These types of waste can damage the filter screen or block entirely, shortening the lifespan of the vacuum. Fourthly, I always use the vacuum with the filter properly installed to avoid the damage to it.Last but not least, I always try to remove the vacuum from the charging base or unplug the power supply every time it is fully charged. The instruction say that this will ensure the lifespan of the product.


All in all, compared to the lower-end Holife's handheld vacuum cordless-HM208BB, this one has much more suction and you can feel it with your hands. I believe I've covered the basics. Overall, the Holife's handheld vacuum is a vacuum you may want to think about if you are looking for a convenient, easy-to-store and easy-to-use cleaning device. At a little over 70 dollar, you can get a much bigger suction than the lower-end Holife's handheld vacuum cordless. For me, it's an excellent buy and satisfies 98% of my vacuuming needs!

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Ian Clutterbuck - March 21, 2021

I have a brand new handheld vacuum SN:20K23 model HM036E which I am using for the fist time to do a small stair carpet but it cuts out every time I put it on the carpet. Can someone hepld please.

Brianna Madray - March 21, 2021

The motorized brush attachment melted on the side where the brush cap is to change the floor rollers/brush. The roller bar and the cap melted together, now I can only use it as a hand held vacuum (not regular stand up and push vac).

Jill Searles - January 7, 2021

Have the hm208a. Love the vacuum, but after a couple of months it won’t charge. Just keeps going through the three lights.

Margaret Kelly - January 7, 2021

My unit won’t work after charging, it come on and then shuts down. I haven’t used this unit much but I am very disappointed with the way it’s operating.
Please help me. Thank you

Bill Bagnall - December 9, 2020

The clip/ button that retains the dust storage unit has broken. The lug or tongue has sheared off. Where can I get a replacement?

Joe - December 9, 2020

My holife car vacum has stop sucking up anything need help

Nick B - December 9, 2020

The vacuum is brand new and not charging. The red light blinks while plugged in but does not indicate it’s charging or charged.

Holife Team - September 16, 2020

If your product isn’t working properly,need to fix it or returned items,

please submit your request via the link:

Or send email to us<>

Bill Rafferty - September 16, 2020

Had vacuum about a year but it no longer works for more than a second after a full charge and the charging light indicates fully charged. Is it a battery or charger problem?

David McBride - September 16, 2020

Holife hlhm036bwus when switched on switches right off. Not very useful. Can you assist?

Thank you

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