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Protect family from bacteria and viruses

Protect family from bacteria and viruses in the dust

It is just a fact of life that we are surrounded by these microbes. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites all live around our homes.

The types of bacteria and fungi varied depending on where the home was located, who lived there and whether pets were present. Indoor domestic dust will contain trace amounts of atmospheric outdoor dust as well as dust from sources particular to the indoor environment.
Most of the fungi we are seeing in the home appears to be coming from outside the home. They enter the home on our clothing, or through open windows or through doors. We spend most of their time indoors, where exposure to dust particles that carry a variety of bacteria, including pathogens that can make us sick.

Shedding skin cells from humans comprise a large portion of indoor dust. Approximately one million cells are dropped from a person. Dead skin cells can make up to 80% of the house dust in the indoor environment. Dust mites feed on these cells. Dust mites are a microscopic arachnid that inhabits most indoor environments and is a major source of indoor allergens.

How does it affect our bodies?

House dust exposes us to diverse microbes, allergic diseases, including hay fever, asthma affect tens million individuals in the United States, while hay fever alone affects 400 million individuals globally.

For people who have already developed allergic disease, microbes in the living environment spell bad news.

Early life fungal infections, especially those of the airways, are linked to the worsening of existing allergic asthma. Infections of the airways with viruses and bacteria can have similar effects, while fungal skin infections are known to trigger eczema.

Homes with pets and those located in suburban areas had more diverse bacterial species, while those with reported water leaks harbored more fungi.

No one can completely avoid bacteria and viruses, but there are steps you can take to reduce your risk.Keep your home clean and hygienic, particularly if a member of your family is unwell — will certainly go some way toward protecting my family from bacteria and viruses.

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Nadia Brundage - December 9, 2020

I really like this mini hand vacuum. This would help my family with our allergies.

Darlene Bertin - December 9, 2020

I would love to receive this product for trial to try and get rid of my terrible allergies

JJ H - December 9, 2020

I like the idea of your products with the HEPA filter and fine lightweight sizes I would like to test these as I have some physical disabilities that cause me difficulty with larger products

JJ Hadden - December 9, 2020

These products seem very useful and practical I like the size as I have some disabilities I would enjoy testing them

Clyde - April 23, 2020


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