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HoLife Handheld Vacuum Cordless,3-in-1 Verstility& Dry Wet Amphbious-HM036BW

by Holife
  • 90~100W high performance motor provides a stable 6KPA strong cyclonic suction, (6KPa suction is powerful enough to pick up coins)
  • 3 Vacuum nozzles: Crevice tool ; Dusting brush ; Liquid nozzle.
  • 30mins working time, which means could clean 1615 sq.ft room on a single charge.
  • Weight 3.27 lbs with a removable translucent bag-less dirt bowl.(Comes with 2 Removable & Washable Filters)
  • The filter is made of washable fabric, you don't need to replace the filter everytime.