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1. Choose the gift you want during the giveaway, invite friends to help you unlock it, and get the prize for free after successful unlocking.
2. The product is only unlocked in the specified country, please confirm whether the product matches with your country. As affected by store and inventory, users who are not from specified countries cannot receive the prize.
3. Each customer can only participate in the giveaway once, who repeatedly participates in or uses improper means will be disqualified.
4. This giveaway is only open to United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany. We will send out prizes within 3-5 business days after the giveaway.
5. To reflect the authenticity of the giveaway, winners please share Prizes with us on Facebook within 3 days after receiving the prize.
How to share:Leave Holife Facebook Page / VIP Group a message with photo(s), or share the photo(s) of prizes on your Facebook news feed and "#Holife.Official"
6. All coupons are only available on Amazon. Coupons can only be used to buy Holife's products on the link we provide.
7. Please obey the game rules. Register the real E-mail account and share the game with a private social media account. Holife reserves the right to cancel the coupon and/or related orders without compensation if participating users violate the T&C of Holife.
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