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Free Products Plan Manual

Step 1: Purchase the product using a coupon and make video feedback after receiving the product.

We will send you a discount coupon and purchase link later.
The following are video content suggestions, choose one of them to record (3-5minutes of video length)
Note: The higher the quality of your test video this time, the more rewards and higher value products you will get next time.

Unboxing video

Record an unboxing video of the product and share your using experience with the product’s performances and features.

Scenario based testing

Use each attachment to test cleaning effect on sofa, floor, table or carpet.

Compare with other vacuum cleaner

If you have other vacuum cleaner products, you can also share the differences and feelings of using Holife vacuum cleaners.

Step 2: Send your video link and PayPal account used for refund

It is recommended to complete the test video and generate a link within two weeks of receiving the product.

There are two ways to upload videos, please choose one to generate a video link:
Generate a link on Amazon product page;
Or generate a link on YOUTUBE.
Finally, please contact us at Message to send the video link and your PayPal account.

Your payment will be returned to your PayPal account after 3-5 working days.
The above content will be sent to your e-mail later. Please kindly note to check.

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